Large-scale alkaline water electrolyzer
for producing hydrogen
from renewable energy



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Asahi Kasei contributes to the
decarbonization of society by
promoting the use of green
produced from
renewable energy.

Hydrogen is widely used in power generation, industry, and transportation, and is expected to be a key material for decarbonization.
Asahi Kasei’s large-scale alkaline water electrolyzer
“Aqualyzer TM” makes it possible to produce green hydrogen from renewable energy.
It is a form of “Power-to-Gas” technology, which converts renewable energy into green hydrogen for use as a substitute for fossil fuels in industry, transportation and a wide range of other applications. We believe that this will contribute to the achievement of a decarbonized society.

Movie: Asahi Kasei’s vision of a hydrogen society


What is hydrogen?

Features of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is an important material for
achieving a carbon neutral society,
so promoting the use of it will help toward that goal.

Three Features of Hydrogen

  1. 01

    No CO2 emissions when used
    as energy

  2. 02

    Available in a variety of forms

    Fuel for power generation and transportation
    Raw material for chemicals and other industries…

  3. 03

    Can be made from a variety of resources

The “Colors” of Hydrogen

Hydrogen can be classified into several categories
depending on the method of production.
Asahi Kasei is developing a system to supply “green hydrogen,”
which is produced from renewable energy.
Other types of hydrogen include “gray hydrogen,” which is based
on “fossil resources” such as coal and natural gas, and “blue
hydrogen,” where the CO2 emissions are reduced in the
manufacturing process.

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  • Electrolys

    Track record in the electrolysis business

    Asahi Kasei has been active in the chlor-alkali electrolysis business for half a century and
    has delivered electrolyzers to a great many customers. Asahi Kasei has applied this
    abundant knowledge and operating experience to this alkaline water electrolyzer
    for hydrogen production.

    Main achievements in the chlor-alkali electrolysis business

    • Participation in more than 150 projects
    • Delivery of a total of 10 GW’s worth of electrolyzers
    • No. 1 share in ion exchange membranes
    • Production capacity of 1 GW’s worth of electrolyzers a year
    • Global track record and support system
  • One stop solution provider

    solution provider

    Asahi Kasei provides a one-stop solution for electrolyzers, membranes,
    electrodes, monitoring systems and more.

  • base unit

    Scalable module

    Designed with 10-MW equipment as the base unit. The modular design of combining
    multiple base units enables large systems to be built to meet the demand of the

    green hydrogen market.

  • R2 logo

    Digital solutions

    Working with R2, which has a proven track record in monitoring electrolyzers,
    support optimal operation by remotely monitoring and controlling the

We support our customers’
hydrogen production through
total solutions,
larger scales
and optimized operation.


Asahi Kasei’s development in hydrogen production can be traced back to 1923, when it first produced hydrogen using electricity from its own hydroelectric power generation to produce ammonia.
The development of this alkaline water electrolyzer is based on the technology of chlor-alkali electrolysis.



Demonstration ongoing

max. 10MW 2,000Nm3/hr
Hydrogen Purity FCV-class(ISO14687-2)


Asahi Kasei participates in projects for hydrogen production and utilization.


Asahi Kasei contributes to the
decarbonization of society by promoting
the use of green
hydrogen produced
renewable energy.